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Subsea HIPPS
Subsea HIPPS
Type designation
Subsea High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
Final element
Mokveld’s subsea axial on-off valve with integrated actuator
Sizes 6" - 24"
Rating API 3000 - 10000
Other pressure ratings upon request
Full closure in 2 seconds
Water depth
3000 m.
In preference to
Full rated pipeline systems
Typical applications
Safety shut-down systems (SSD)
Emergency shut-down systems (ESD)
Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
Safety Instrumented Function (SIF)
Over-pressure protection systems (OPPS)

Mokveld reliability

Third parties, like the German TÜV and Atomic Energy Agency, have validated the Mokveld database of installations and the derived reliability data. Failure rates for both clean and unclean fluids are available for 2 seconds stroking time applications. Mokveld’s vast experience in fast stroking final elements totals over of 35 000 operational years (with more than 2500 valves). The Mokveld final elements are therefore proven-in-use for high reliability safety applications in natural gas and multiphase hydrocarbons. 

The certified Mokveld failure rate for the final element (being the valve + actuator) for a failure to deliver a full stroke in 2 seconds for applications in untreated hydrocarbons is: λd = 1,0 x 10-4 / year. The failure rate for a single Mokveld hydraulic mechanical initiator is: λd = 9,7 x 10-4 / year. This data enables Mokveld to supply a HIPPS to suit SIL 3 or even SIL 4 with a proof test interval of 1 year or a system fully in accordance with EN 12186 or EN 14382.

The Mokveld final elements do not require additional electronic systems, like partial stroke testing devices, to meet SIL 3 with a 1 year test interval. A separate technical datasheet on this subject is available.

Mokveld engineering assistance

Mokveld engineers can provide support in an early phase of the project. We can assist in defining suitable HIPPS architecture, fault tree analysis, determining the pressure rise in the protected volume and the required stroking times and set points of the entire system.

HIPPS are critical elements in a process loop. Malfunction or failure of a HIPPS can seriously affect plant operation, the environment and personnel. The design of a HIPPS should be based on sound technical and economical arguments and long-term perspectives. Selecting a Mokveld HIPPS with proven reliable performance will ensure a safe and reliable operation of your plant.

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