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Steam Trap MK 45

Thermostatic steam trap MK 45 with corrosion-resistant thermostatic capsule. With Y-type strainer and integrated water hammer protection. Do not expose the control membrane capsule to superheat conditions above 5°C. Steam traps with standard capsule "N" discharge condensate with approx. 10 K below boiling temperature, traps with capsule "U" with an undercooling of approx. 30 K and traps with capsule "H" with approx. 5 K undercooling. 


MK 45-1, MK 45A-1 with tandem seat (double sealing)

Particularly for low condensate flowrates. Optionally with standard capsule 5N1 or special capsule 5U1 or 5H1. 



PN40/ Class 300

Max Temperature: 450°C

DN 15-20-25 

End Connections:

+ Flanged

+ Screwed sockets

+ Socket Weld

+ Butt Weld 


Features of the MK series

+ Very sensitive response characteristic

+ Function is not impaired by high back pressure
+ Automatic air-venting (trap can be used for thermal air-venting in steam systems)
+ Installation in any position (horizontal and vertical lines)
+ High hot-water capacities even with low differential pressures

+ With tandem seat (double sealing) for low condensate flowrates
+ Built-in non-return valve (only MK 45)
+ Stainless steel internals (corrugated membrane of Hastelloy)
+ Design “U” with undercooling capsule: utilization of a certain amount of sensible heat by banking-up of condensate, decreasing the amount of flash steam
+ Optional extra: Integrated condensate monitoring for MK 45 (temperature or steam loss)



MK 45-1: For low condensate flowrates, steam-tracing, steam-line drainage, air-venting 

MK 45-2: For medium condensate flowrates, steam tracing, drainage of heat exchangers, air venting 



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