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Steam Trap BK 212

Thermostatic/thermodynamic steam trap with corrosion resistant Thermovit® regulator (S. S. bimetallic plates) able to with stand waterhammer. With internal strainer and integral non-return valve action. Asbestos-free body gasket (graphite/CrNi). Installation in any position. The default factory setting enables the steam trap to discharge condensate with virtually no banking-up 



PN 630

Max Temperature: 630°C

DN 15-20-25

End Connections:

+ Socket Weld

+ Butt Weld 



During start-up of the plant the bimetallic (Duo stainless steel) plates are flat. The service pressure acts in the opening direction, the valve is completely open. As the condensate temperature rises, the bimetallic plates deflect, drawing the stage nozzle towards the closed position. As the condensate temperature sinks, the deflection of the Duo stainless steel plates decreases and the steam trap opens at the adjusted opening temperature. The thermostatic and spring characteristics of the stack of plates are balanced such that condensate is always discharged at a given undercooling temperature. The steam trap provides automatic air-venting at start-up and during operation of the plant. BK 212 can also be used for thermal air-venting in steam systems.


Features of the BK series:

+ Robust regulator for roughest operating conditions (unaffected by waterhammer and frost)

+ Suitable for superheated steam applications

+ Automatic air-venting (steam trap can be used for thermal air-venting in steam systems)

+ Installation in any position (horizontal and vertical lines)

Stage nozzle acts as non-return valve

+ Stainless steel internals

+ Repairable in-line

+ Base bushing ensures positive metal-to-metal sealing between body and regulator

+ Up to ∆p 275 bar g




For open-loop controlled heating processes.

Draining of
– saturated steam lines
– superheated steam lines
– steam tracers

Can also be used for thermal air-venting

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