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Steam Trap BK 15

Thermostatic steam trap with corrosion-resistant Thermovit (Duo stainless steel) regulator unaffected by water hammer. The Thermovit regulator can be adjusted from the outside. With integral strainer and non-return valve action. Asbestos-free body gasket (graphite). Installation in any position. The steam trap is adjusted at our factory to discharge condensate with virtually no banking-up. More undercooling (banking-up) can be set manually from the outside during operation. 



PN40/ Class 300

Max Temperature: 450°C

DN 40-50

End Connections:

+ Flanged

+ Screwed sockets

+ Socket Weld

+ Butt Weld 



Features of the BK series:

+ Robust regulator for roughest operating conditions (unaffected by waterhammer and frost)

+ Suitable for superheated steam applications

+ Automatic air-venting (steam trap can be used for thermal air-venting in steam systems)

+ Installation in any position (horizontal and vertical lines)

Stage nozzle acts as non-return valve

+ Stainless steel internals

+ Repairable in-line

+ Base bushing ensures positive metal-to-metal sealing between body and regulator

+ Up to ∆p 275 bar g




For open-loop controlled heating processes.

Draining of
– saturated steam lines
– superheated steam lines
– steam tracers

Can also be used for thermal air-venting

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