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Features : 

  • Expedite plate inspections and change-outs with ability to remove the sealing bar, carrier and plate as a unit
  • Prevent liquid spillage or gas leakage with no flange spreading required for plate inspections and change-outs
  • Maximize uptime by performing plate changes and maintenance without removing the fitting from the line
  • Virtually eliminate maintenance time and cost with simple fitting design that has few parts
  • Achieve concentricity in accordance with the latest AGA3/API 14.3 standards for consistently accurate measurement
  • Enhance measurement at high-pressure wells and more with 3-in to 4-in fittings configurable up to 10,000 psig
  • Improve safety with manufacturing in accordance with ASTM and ANSI flange connection specifications
  • Ensure performance in accordance with ASME with optional hydrostatic testing to 1.5 times operating pressure

Specifications :

Measurement Type Differential pressure
Fluid Type Liquid, gas
  In accordance with AGA 3/API 14.3
Line Size 2-in to 4-in (50-mm to 100-mm)
Max. Operating Pressure ANSI 2500
Process Temperature Range -20º F to +160º F (-29º C to +71º C )
Flange Type ANSI Raised Face, ANSI RTJ
Process Wetted Material Carbon Steel (WCB and LCC), 316/316L SST, Duplex
Trim Options Standard Service, Sweet Service, Sour Service, Low Temperature

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Gestra, Rotork, Daniel, Georg Ficher, Agar, Sofis, Pump, Valves