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Self-Acting Type Clorius


The self-acting temperature controller consists of a valve featuring a thermostat and a sensor. According to the service conditions the controller is optionally equipped with a cooling unit or a sensor pocket.
The temperature sensed by the sensor changes the volume of the measuring liquid in the capillary tube. The resulting pressure acts directly on the actuating piston which, in turn, operates the valve spindle. As the temperature rises, the regulating valve is held in closed positon (heating process) or open position (cooling process) until the pre-set release temperature is reached. When the temperature drops again, a builtin return spring resets the valve to original position.


Two-way valves, with single seat or pressure-balanced single/double seat.
Double-seated, two-way reverse-acting valves or three-way valves for diverting and mixing applications. Valve components made of gunmetal, cast iron, nodular
cast iron or cast steel, with flanged or screwed connections.


The thermostat is firmly attached to the sensor capillary tube. The rod-, spiral- or airduct-type sensors are made of copper or high-alloy stainless steel.
The capillary tube is available in different lengths, made of copper or high-alloy stainless steel.

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