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Intelligent Key Cabinet

The Intelligent interlock product range combines the reliable characteristics of a mechanical safety solution with new electronic features in various process applications. It allows communication and proofing and improves efficiency and safety. 

A combination of products can be integrated in cabinets or panels, creating a customized (Intelligent) Interlock System. Mechanical key interlocks are still at the basis of the safety system in the field. The extra intelligence offered by the additional electronic systems offers more insight, guidance and control.

Dynamic sequence Apart from mechanically guaranteeing a strict adherence to procedure, Intelligent Interlocking allows other input signals, such as H2S or pressure levels, to be included in a predefined operating sequence. For instance, in pigging applications, the key to open the closure door is only released
after the valves are operated in the correct sequence and the vessel pressure has reached a predefined level. Also, remotely authorizing the start of an operating
sequence can easily be programmed. This way, the panel will only release the starting key after receiving an external authorization signal, for instance from
the DCS or SIS.

The Intelligent Interlock System has distinctive features:
> It increases safety significantly by integrating operator procedures with DCS and SIS
> It provides live step by step information, guidance and a process overview during the whole procedure
> It makes operational sequences dynamic by integrating feedback from the DCS (pressure, temperature ect.) to authorize the next step.

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