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Control Valves GCV

Pneumatic actuation
GCV with PN9000 Actuator and SP500 Smart Positioner

For applications where pneumatic actuation is preferred, we have a range of pneumatic diaphragm actuators to suit a wide variety of differential pressures and applications.
To ensure your plant is safe in the event of air failure they are available in either a spring-to-close or spring-to-open configuration, a hand-wheel is available as an option if required. Electro-pneumatic smart positioners allow your control system to communicate effectively with the valve assembly via one of our class leading SP500 positioners.

Electric actuation
AEL5 Electric Actuator The AEL5 is a robust and user friendly actuator which is easy to install and commission, reducing total cost of ownership.
›› Aluminium support for board and accessories
-- Highly durable and sturdy support for holding and / or fitting accessories
›› User friendly adjustment of cams with stroke scale
-- Precise valve setting
›› User friendly valve stem connection
-- Simple and securely locked connection to the valve stem minimising installation time.

Increased stem seal life: Top and bottom guided valve stem ensures excellent alignment and long stem seal life. Scraper and dust rings ensure the stem seal is not damaged by the flow media or particles form the atmosphere. Viton 'O' rings ensure excellent sealing in low pressure and temperature media.

Long-life valve internals 
When compared to alternative designs, the cage retained seat and plug of the GCV provides the user with better valve shut-off performance and reduced leakage across the seat. 
Hard trim materials as standard, designed for steam, giving a high resistance to erosion and corrosion on an extensive range of media. Large gallery area reduces the flow velocity, body erosion and noise output.

Hassle free – with quick and easy installation and low maintenance requirements
All trim components are designed to clamp in place so the valve can quickly be configured to the user’s specific process needs. During assembly the seat and plug are self-aligning using the clamp in place cage retained design. The simplicity of build also means that maintenance is quick and easy, with
no special tools required. 

›› Quick to configure
›› No special tools required
›› Design performance easily achieved after maintenance.

SP500 Easily commissioned and energy efficient
With increasing pressure on industry to reduce carbon emissions and save energy, a reduction in the running costs of plant comes as a welcome opportunity. We have listened to customers’ concerns regarding compressed air waste and have designed the SP500 to have negligible running costs; typically consuming less than 1% of the air of a traditional electropneumatic positioner.
The SP500 has been designed to ensure ease of commissioning with a simple user interface and straight-forward set-up procedure. No specialist skills are required to get your digital valve positioner up-and-running so you can be confident that it will be right, first time.
The SP500 has an adaptive action that compensates for fluctuations in supply pressure and valve stem friction, thus enabling guaranteed process stability.
Non-contact magnetic feedback eliminates hysteresis and ensures accuracy. Unlike traditional feedback arms, the innovative non-contact feedback system is unaffected by corrosion that can cause positioners to stick or give inaccurate readings. Fewer components in the overall design mean guaranteed longterm
reliability and reduced lifecycle running costs saving maintenance time. Highly efficient positioner, with the lowest steady state air consumption on the marke
increases profitability, reduces electricity cost and lowers CO2 emissions.

Simple to commission
All SP500 units are supplied with a universal mounting kit making them quick and easy to assemble. They operate on a non-mechanical magnetic feedback system which is very easy to set-up and will not suffer wear, vibration or dirt problems. A simple autostroke routine makes it extremely quick and easy to commission and the keypad provides trouble free navigation through the menu system. Manual operation is available at the touch of a button.

The smart solution – Reduce energy consumption with the ultra-efficient SP500 positioners. These smart digital positioners
consume approximately 1% of the air of a traditional electropneumatic positioner and have class-leading low impedance helping
to save on controller power.

Hall effect contactless feedback – giving a zero lag between feedback and position, eliminating hysteresis.
Simple single button push to commission – quick and easy to set up, requiring no specialist training or skills.
Highly efficient positioner, with the lowest steady state air consumption on the market – increases profitability, reduces electricity cost and lowers CO2 emissions.

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