Gestra, Rotork, Daniel, Georg Ficher, Agar, Sofis, Pump, Valves

Gestra, Rotork, Daniel, Georg Ficher, Agar, Sofis, Pump, Valves

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KVA has established in 2007 with 4 keys person who had worked for General Electric (GE), Flowserve, Invensys & Emerson Process Management. 


Our vision is to provide high performance and reliable choke valves, actuated valves, control valves, pumps, steam trap, instrumentation for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Foods & Beverage and General Industries customers. We have been developed our product portfolios to high-performance valves, pump, process instrumentation and accessories. In the Industry 4.0 era, KVA has grown to strengthen our capability to one-nonstop engineering and solution provider to meet the benefit of clients. 


We are dedicated to provide the highest quality and professional services to the market that we served. This is achieved by ensuring that all our Sales & Service personnel are technically competent, able to provide good solutions to customer’s problems, conduct business ethically, disciplined in achieving the deliverables, and most importantly, giving our customers the utmost attention.



We are authorized for the below manufacturers:


Georg Fisher - Plastic Piping/Valves & Fitting from Switzerland

Agar - Multiphase Flowmeter from US

SOFIS (Netherlocks & Smith) Valve Interlocks from UK

DMW Corp – Pumps, Fans and Blowers from Japan
Idex Pulsafeeder Dosing Pump - USA
Gestra - Germany
Daniel - Control Valve from US
Rotork - Britain
Copes-Vulcan - USA
Our partners
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Our Customers
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Gestra, Rotork, Daniel, Georg Ficher, Agar, Sofis, Pump, Valves